I Woke Up In Sequins

The tip of her index finger gently laid on her tongue as she licked off the last remaining crumbs of Agent A’s scones off. There were not enough sweets on that plate that was delivered to Dick and Barbara without request. They were gone too soon. Barbara made sure she told Alfred thank you about a million and one times to show her gratitude, because dang┬áthose were some good treats.

She rubbed her hands off onto a napkin beside her and went back to messing with her pocket computer. She made a mental note to make the thing water proof as she worked on rerouting the circuits. Luckily the tiny computer wasn’t too badly damaged and could still be salvaged. “Hand me that battery, would you, Dick?” She stuck her arm out in front of him without looking away from her work. With her tongue in cheek (because somehow this allowed her to focus more) she worked on as Dick did whatever it was he was doing in the bat cave. She totally forgot his purpose for being here. Not that it mattered, she enjoyed his company.

She pushed her hair behind her ear as it tried to jump in front of her face and then looked up at Dick. She smiled and decided that she should try to make conversation with him even if her attention would be slightly diverted. The truth was, she hadn’t seen Dick in a few days outside of school or the cave, so she wasn’t sure what was going on in his day to day life. Now was the time to fix that.

"So what’cha been up to, boy wonder?"